photo SonoranJune20131058a_zpse7e15776.jpg
Abandoned building, Sonoran Desert, Maricopa County, Arizona

Desert Shell Motel
only the rats and lizards
checking in tonight

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. does that means that The USA congress and Obama are on their way ?…lol

  2. Ah, but they do have beautiful skies!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. A beautiful frame for the scene.

  4. And possibly Bates? Count me out. Cool photo.

  5. Beautiful blue sky peeking through ~ great sky shot for SWF ~ carol

  6. I love your beautifl desert shot. That must be the last undeveloped land in Maricopa County.

  7. Even varmints need a room with a view! 🙂

  8. hope they can afford the room rates. 🙂

  9. I just Had a fully formed tale (tail!?) of traveling ratties and a lizard clerk, turtle bellhop and so on going on in my mind from your photo/poetry. Thanks they were very nice visitors…check out at noon!

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      You’ve been reading The Wind in the Willows, haven’t you? 😉

      • Not for 25 years or so! I am a friend of domestic rats as companions though. They are smart as can be, like a very small very bright dog except you have to earn and deserve the loyalty and goodwill of a rat.

  10. Wonderful photo, abandoned places seem charming and very intriguing!

  11. Whoop… now that is a different take on the word prompt. A sense of abandonment, so well pictured in your haiku.

  12. Nice shot for theme abandonment,, i prefer lezard that ratting
    Greeting from Belgium
    Have a nice day
    http:// blog

  13. At least they got the room with a view.

    by the shore

  14. Great adjustment of the prompt to your world. Thank you!

  15. lizards-okay, but no thanks to rats! move on you beady-eyed rodents!

  16. I think I stayed there once!

  17. And during the glory days the motel had hourly rates.

  18. The shards of glass framing the beauty beyond adds a touch of sadness to the scene. Lovely photo.

  19. Great take on the prompt !

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