photo AnzaBoSept2013315a_zps7ed98cb7.jpg
Dead Desert willow (Chilopsis linearis), Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

one tattered willow
embracing the wilderness—
crow tries to explain

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I hear him, I truly do…

  2. This tattered willow once was a testament to the beauty that can be found on a desert, and even still remains so.

  3. Love the desert tattered willows. Birds are drawn to them.

  4. ah, yes, those crows do ‘caw’ ~ lovely haiku and photo ~ carol ^_^

  5. Awesome photo MMT and that haiku is wonderful, but a bit sad. How sad that your laptop has died … you will be missed my friend and I hope that you can replace your dead laptop for a ‘new’ one to be participating again in our Haiku Kai.

    Have a good weekend. Namaste.

  6. Haunting/lovey presentation
    Something soulful and grabbing at my heart

  7. i arrive reading haiku
    i leave, embraced.

  8. Is crow explaining to, or for the willow?

    JRB’s Embrace

  9. Oh, I can hear it..thanks MMT..lovely

  10. excellent haiku! Do you really have crows in the desert too!

  11. what is there to say?

  12. Those crows can sure caw the truths to the willow (but I wonder if the poor willow wants to listen)

  13. beautiful image and haiku… every morning I listen for the crows to call out to their family in the woods behind our house, just after sunrise… who needs roosters or alarm clocks… it is a slow awakening for me, and for them too apparently.

  14. So unique…much meaning. Love the photo.

  15. You have great observation skills! My stainless steel frig is reflecting the blue sky (from a window).

    Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  16. All your post have a magical feeling to them. Enjoy each visit.

  17. The contrast against the blue sky is fascinating.

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