Resting Place

 photo OrganPipeAug2013312a_zps738a4fc7.jpg
Wayside shrine, Ajo, Arizona

On their homeward way
harried winds turn in to rest,
curling in the shrine.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. A pink Hello Kitty shrine. Not often you run into that, eh? Like the image/feel of winds curling/swirling around in it.

  2. Gorgeous haiku! I can visualise it perfectly, great imagery. Great photo too.

  3. Wonderful haiku! This wayside shrine leaves me with so many questions with the Hello Kitty and other toys, and then I noticed what appears to be a little fall scarecrow decoration at the bottom of the cross. Is the shrine for a child, or did children leave their toys for someone they loved? I found myself studying this photo for quite a while. The more I studied the photo, the more I wondered about this shrine and the story of it. All the while I could almost feel the wind blowing.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I can see you found the shrine intriguing. Perhaps you should write your own story about it! 😉 Thanks so much for your visit.

  4. aaahh a resting place for the harried mind indeed. your haiku is says a thousand words

  5. A shrine is a resting place for a moment and then to proceed further.

  6. Very nice. I also like this shrine. It sort of overwhelms me and takes me in its arms.

  7. Definitely a real icon for some story telling. Was it in a cemetery or just by the side of the road? My own projections believe it was a girl child and the shrine isn’t just out there somewhere. It has a scarecrow with the cross celebrating this fall season. I’m curious whether other holidays will be celebrated. Is there some kind of registry, out of curiosity, that keeps track of who builds shrines and who they are memorializing?

  8. This shrine brought some sad memories. Not so far of home a motorrider had a terrible accident and died on the scene. Since then a wooden cross with his name on it marks that place. His loved ones bring him there every week fresh flowers. Such love …

  9. what an awesome haiku; and our photo find is intriguing

    much love…

  10. Oh,that´s looks cool but I think it´s a sad place :-(.

  11. oh that was a cool and different haiku.. and the picture looke sad.. I see a shrine for a dead child..

  12. Exactly what I needed today… I am a small offering in this place of prayer.

  13. May we all find a safe place to rest, feel held and loved.

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