Exploring Forgiveness

 photo CarpeDiem1stAnnivOct13_zpsf8e11933.jpg

~~~ 1 ~~~
How many times, Lord,
must I forgive the people
who do wrong to me?
~~~ 2 ~~~
Tell me, Sister Crow,
do you forgive Old Raven
when he torments you?
~~~ 3 ~~~
The serpent hisses:
It is foolish to forgive—
get even instead.
~~~ 4 ~~~
How great my hunger
to forgive my tormentor,
yet I find no crumb!
~~~ 5 ~~~
Though I can’t forgive
and I am deaf to singing,
still I long for you.
~~~ 6 ~~~
Nothing that you do
can compel me to forgive—
stones lodge in my heart.

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Perhaps you might find the answer to your first question on Lolly’s blog today! 🙂

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I read Lolly’s haiku a little while ago. What if I don’t like the answer? 😉

      • I suppose no one ever said you had to like it! Do you think there are some things that are unforgivable?

        • magicalmysticalteacher

          I think—and I’m replying quickly—I think that even Hitler could have been forgiven, but (1) he didn’t ask to be forgiven (as far as I know), and (2) being forgiven doesn’t mean that we won’t suffer some consequences for our sinful acts against others.

          • And your last verse really spells out the essence of forgiveness( or lack of it) . It is in the heart of the one doing the forgiving where the healing happens. In the case of your poem , the speaker can’t begin the process until s(he) gets rid of the stone (of bitterness or anger , whatever it is)

          • magicalmysticalteacher

            Right you are!

  2. Look for A Lovely Thing

    Something I learned recently and I have had a sick attachment to unforgiveness for decades:

    When you forgive you’re actually giving a mental gift to yourself. The dictionary definition of forgiveness means letting go of anger and resentment. That’s all.

    It’s not a free pass for the offender. It doesn’t mean you forget their transgressions. It doesn’t mean they get to do it again and again and you just take it.

    I only means that you’re not going to waste your life energy being angry about it anymore. It is off your radar now. It happened. You learned from it. It no longer holds you hostage.

  3. Awesome series MMT … and I like what Lolly writes in her comment and I think that’s the only way to forgive … forgive, but don’t forget … there’s no need to give energy to that negative sphere.

  4. Quite the series for ‘forgiveness’ ~ well penned ~ carol, xo

    ps. I find that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself ~ not to forget but to forgive is to let go and be free ~ the person(s) most times has no idea of your anger ~ so I try to let it go, let it be and be aware next time ~ enjoy, carol xo

  5. As has been said unforgiveness only hurts oneself. If the one who has hurt you does not care, or does not know, they will not ask your forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift to yourself.

  6. Sounds like this prompt was agonizing for you too. Ouch to the last one. Just before Sedona, I had a synchronous article land in my timeline about forgiveness which I usually ignore. But it had a different perspective. Forgive yourself for not forgiving those you cannot forgive. It’s okay. I was able to let go with that. No need to forgive anyone who has hurt you if it is not forthcoming freely.

  7. This is an interesting series, in a different tone from others of yours I have read. I so relate to the Sister Crow stanza…..and especially love “and I am deaf to singing”. Wowzers, kiddo. Great write! I finally found time to put you on my blogroll so I dont miss any more such gems…..argh, horrible to be too busy to do such small essential tasks.

  8. WoW… intense and made me think deeply.
    I thought I knew about forgiveness until someone hurt my daughter and another her daughter.
    The wounds are so deep and have changed their precious souls forever.
    I am still in a quandary, if forgiveness of another is always the answer…the answer may be to forgive oneself for giving the person the mental space in ones life ? I don’t know.

    I found I can be civil to the offenders, but that is not forgiveness…that is just giving me peace of mind.

    Thank you for an eloquent series of ‘ku.

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