photo SonoranOct2013561a_zps6e84e27d.jpg
Indigo Bush (Psorothamnus fremontii), Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

perhaps pyramids
beckon on the horizon
long is the journey

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2
More Carpe Diem: “Pyramid of Giza”

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  1. Indeed.. the pyramids can seen far away.

  2. Wherever pyramids they are far away from here……..

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Yes, they are far, far away from me, although I hope to see them someday (if things ever settle down in Egypt).

  3. that does look like a long journey. the colors on the tree are spectacular. happy weekend MMT!!

  4. Beautiful capture and such wonderful colors!! A long journey indeed!! Terrific shadow shot for the day!

  5. What a SPECTACULAR photo! and a wonderful poem. Long is the journey, indeed – for us lucky ones!

  6. I am mesmerized by the embodiment of space and distance, color and shadow. Spectacular is a perfect description of this image.

  7. What a gorgeous shot! Such great composition and colour!
    Interesting haiku as well.

  8. Spectacular light, and love the pyramids off in the distance. Beautifully photographed.

  9. The fiery goldenrod foliage leads us to the pyramids of AZ – a guidepost on our way through the desert to our destination and destiny…

  10. This looks like a beautiful watercolor painting. What a fine capture. genie

  11. At the horizon pyramid like images are seen … it’s a mysterious photo and the haiku goes so well with it.

  12. It is too long of a journey for me that’s for sure…I’d rather be here in New England especially in October

  13. I must find a new description for your photo – splendid, did anyone else say that? I love it when I catch the sunset doing that to the trees! I usually stand there with my mouth open as though watching a magnificent though fleeting show. Indeed the journey may be long but worth it, I dare say.

  14. Egypt is one place I’ve missed although I am finishing up a six month stay in India. Your photo is lovely.

    My Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is of a rather dry and dusty Jaipur pig!!!

  15. Such beautiful light bathing the top of the bush. Some yin and yang happening there.

  16. Nature is beauty.

    Love it.

    Happy Sunday.
    /CC girl

  17. fire and froth..
    the awe of divine works
    liven sights

  18. what a nice colored light !

  19. Ooo! nice light! As though the tree were bathed in gold.

  20. Stunning photo…. and they do look like pyramids in the distance:)

  21. Well said! I started commenting last week and got distracted when my browser crashed. Love the photo too.

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