photo CarpeDiem1stAnnivOct13_zpsf8e11933.jpg

Greasy pilgrims sing
in Artemis’s temple,
but she scorns their songs.
~~ ~~ ~~
In templed splendor
Artemis Insidious
plots another hunt.
~~ ~~ ~~
What seer dares reveal
Artemis in her temple,
Jesus at her feet?

© 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This time about a hypocrisy? I’ll come for more…

  2. progression; have a nice Wednesday

    much love

  3. Really lovely.My haiku I posted mistakenly.

  4. I like the sound of her..she has goddessly balls! that’s always good..

  5. Quite clever. Nice image captured of the huntress in Artemis. 🙂

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Thank you. I’m finding the Carpe Diem prompts for the latter days of October almost impossible to deal with.

  6. We ought to warn Jae Rose how vengeful Artemis was unless she sees the comment favorably. Didn’t the Romans call her Diana?

  7. The last one just rocks! 🙂

  8. the greasy pilgrims and jesus combined to get me thinking about the money-changers in the temple…

  9. I’m reeling over the juxtaposition of Artemis with Jesus! 😉


  10. The scheming is still in play! Good to know more on Artemis as a life’s lesson! Nicely MMT!


  11. this is wonderful ☺

  12. The last one I find filled with messages… very good.

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