photo HorsetoothReservoir_zps9c108789.jpg
Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, Colorado
this dark autumn night
the bright stars of Milky Way
cries of geese above*

in placid mountain waters
seven fathoms deep the song

*Opening gambit by Lothar M. Kirsch of Rheumataloge
Final two lines © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I just moved to a much drier climate and I can see the STARS again. I’m loving it. Thanks for saying it.

  2. Wonderful photo and great line ~ ‘seven fathoms deep the song’ ~ carol, xxx

  3. gorgeous shot. The song amidst the pines – perfect

  4. Seven fathoms deep… nice. Really good setting.

  5. Look for A Lovely Thing

    lovely work.

  6. Seven fathoms…six weeks on a boat…we both finished in water. I like your added sense of sound in a specific song.

  7. A song of mystery, yet not so deep that you can’t fathom it my friend 😉

    This Dark Autumn Night

  8. luv your shift to the mountains

    much love…

  9. Beautiful photo. Have you moved from the desert?

  10. A nice hint of mystery. Whose song?

  11. A nice completion MMT … and that photo … awesome.

  12. a deep water melody
    counterpoint to the goose song


  13. This is a wonderful completion! And your link to the haiku with the word song is perfect!

  14. mm, good – both completion and photograph. peaceful

  15. Beautiful post, lovely sky in your photo!

  16. Lovely, peaceful skies and a terrific capture for the day!! Have a great weekend!!

  17. Beautiful Colorado! The skies there are amazing.

  18. Very beautiful photo and post for SWF!Have a nice weekend.

  19. Lovely sky shot ~ so blue for SWF ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  20. You never fail in sharing such wonderful sights. I love the lonely little cloud drifting around.

  21. Lovely sky photo.
    Greetings from Holland, RW & SK

  22. How very scenic and peaceful!

  23. How awesome-both the completion and the picture:-)

  24. “Placid” is a fitting title for this one. Beautiful photo!

  25. What a beautiful completion …. loved it 🙂

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