photo Shadowywash_zps6eddefe9.jpg
A shadow-dappled path, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

The immigrants’ plight—
which pathway or road to take
north of the border.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Shadow Shot Sunday 2
The Sunday Whirl, Wordle 137: “Road, Border, Plight”

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  1. I’d like to explore that path.

  2. Wonderful desert shadows for the day!! I’d love to explore there, too!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. This looks like a foreboding sign of a tough trip to freedom – and the pilgrims chose to follow this path forward…

  4. Must’ve been hard trip….your shot is beautiful!

  5. The sense of earthy space far from anywhere is so very appealing. Lovely light.

  6. Beautiful photo and a haiku that makes me think a lot! In Spain the same applies to immigrants from Africa!

  7. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    I guess they follow the time worn path of others. The price for freedom. Love that wash!

  8. dry, dry desert and rare shadows !

  9. yikes…a dry creek bed is not a good omen. Excellent photo.

  10. I’d travel the side with the shade and then hope for rain!

  11. Looks like a tough path..but then maybe the tougher the path..the greater the how you have changed form..really does heighten the sense of what to do for the best..

  12. The pull of the American Dream can take literally many paths even being stuffed like sardines in a sedan on a perilous journey! Nicely MMT!


  13. a path with shadows for company ; very nice have a good Sunday

    much love…

  14. the shadow follows the dusty path. not questioning the destination.

  15. Even meager shade is welcome in such a sun-baked place. Interesting path – inviting.

  16. Right as rain. Unmistakably you.

  17. Nice, mmt. Love the pic also.


  18. Sadly we often see fleeing immigrants as opportunist interlopers rather that frightened individuals choosing a difficult and hazardous path for years of adjustment for themselves and their families.

  19. Imagine the terror they must feel! One prays that they choose the path that leads to a safe, welcoming place!

  20. What a gorgeous shot! Love your haiku as well!

  21. loved this.. ! imagine their plight indeed

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