photo Dawnwindigobush_zps774bba31.jpg
Indigo Bush (Psorothamnus fremontii) at dawn, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

at the sun’s rising
wild women tossing their hair—
tumultuous joy

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on December 5, 2013, in 5-7-5, Arizona, Carpe Diem, Ein Stück Himmel, indigo bush, Sky Watch Friday, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona and tagged , , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. What a sound it would make!

  2. What a glorious capture!! Awesome!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I feel the joy.

  4. So joyful! Mine is titled turbulence. Had to go back and see what word I used after seeing yours. Same wave length…different words. I like yours better.

  5. I LOVE this!!!! the stunning photo and the image of wild women tossing their hair!!!!

  6. I can see the music and the hair tossing in my mind’s eye… works brilliantly. 😆

  7. Ah.. what a wonderful sunrise .. indeed pagan

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