Three Virtues

Cemetery Mary photo IMG_5934Guadalupe_zps8ae0113d.jpg
Wellton Memorial Cemetery, Wellton, Arizona

To submit one’s hope
to her who bore the Baby
is not a lost cause.
She will instruct you
in the tangled ways of love—
you have naught to fear.
Finding faith renewed
is the highlight of her way—
every pilgrim knows.

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. thanks for the inspiration

    much love…

  2. Indeed she will..quietly..

  3. I’m counting on that!

  4. I too wrote of hope today… I think more than ever, these twelve days have given to me on a deep level in ways I could have never imagined… I am always filled when visiting you here… this image and your words today… a prayer I take to heart. Thank you so.

  5. “She will instruct you in the tangled ways of love”…so true!

  6. I so look forward to seeing what you will post each day–and your haikus and the Guadalupe on a grave help me prepare for our big day tomorow.

  7. falling into faith, with such grace… beautiful haiku set and image! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  8. A beautiful piece for all seasons.

  9. The Blessed Mother is always there for us — for which I am glad!! 😀

  10. beautiful words and sentiment

  11. Wow. And then, wow, wow, wow again! Love the statue (and wish I had that one as it is the best one I’ve yet to see as it captures all the details of Our Lady). Your words are full of substance and sustenance.

  12. P.S (ahem…) really cool shadow shot too, I might add!

  13. A quiet special Madonna !

  14. Mmm…mixed feelings, as an atheist, but cleverly done.

  15. Hope is a determinant of spectacular achievements! More so for the believers! Nicely MMT!


  16. Love the wrods “tangled ways of love”… Beautiful colours in and around this sacred image.

  17. Your haiku sound as affirmation: big and bold.

  18. Beautifully done and so fitting to the season. Love thank you

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