photo Puebla14Mar2011120_zpsba3afc50.jpg
An art exhibit, Puebla, México

singers and dancers
paying homage to the king—
soulful bumps and grinds

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. let our souls move our bodies in praise!

  2. I love love this painting. It moves so gracefully.

  3. Sing praises unto the Lord! 🙂 Lovely, MMT!

  4. Makes me want to boogie !
    Lovely image and perfect dancing words to accompany !
    Happy Friday !

  5. Yes, dance to the joy of living!

  6. My favorite way of showing adoration! 🙂

  7. Ha. I bet the knights are enjoying them selves.

  8. Perfect words to accompany a gorgeous painting!

  9. bumps and grinds: fun to see them described as soulful

  10. Celebration in all its variety. I like the painting very much.

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