photo boatshadowsPuertoNuevo_zps40f53c90.jpg
Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Norte, México

summer evening
a breeze turns leaves over
abandoned book

fishermen bait the shadows
hoping to catch a fresh word

*Opening gambit © by Nicole the Local Artist
Final two lines and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. and the wall has me drooling!! love the stone work!! great shadows MMT!!

  2. Puerto Nuevo! When I lived in San Diego, we’d go down there from time to time to enjoy their lobster dinners. It was the best 8 dollar adventure money could buy! Although, I’m sure the demand for those lobster dinners led to overfishing.

  3. What a gorgeous shot and shadow! Love the texture of the stone especially.

  4. Terrific shadow shot as always!! Love your composition!!

  5. More palm tree shadows – lovely!

  6. Like a fascinating shadow mural. Love the perspective.

  7. I love the way you’ve played with the word leaves… excellent… and a beautiful photo!

  8. Fresh words… are sounding oh so delicious over here about now…

  9. Even an older sight can be brought to life by the shadows.

  10. Enjoyed those. Nice play on words.

  11. To catch a fresh word, love this, now that is what i call fishing

  12. Gorgeous photo MMT and I am speechless … a very nice composed second stanza … very much in tune with the starting verse.

  13. A simple natural beauty!…:)JP

  14. I so love the first one. If only there were words enough to speak of that glass of chilled white wine standing next to the book.

  15. simply sublime. well-crafted

  16. Oh I love that last line so much!!!!! in search of a fresh word. That’s where I am, for sure!

  17. Great shadow find. I love the composition. The boat looks so pristine.

  18. Oh that’s a lovely piece of life captured. ❤

  19. I really like this. I feed myself from books.

  20. Oh those escaping words… requires a dreamweaver’s net to catch I think

  21. How wonderful! I do hope they have a good catch!

  22. Words are so difficult to catch,no? 😀 Great completion MMT and am thrilled to be back:-)

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