At her open door
a pale and anxious farmer
scans the sky for rain.
~~ ~~ ~~
hungry grasshoppers
devoted to devouring
every leaf in sight
~~ ~~ ~~
seven scrawny cows
stumbling to the riverbed
parched and mottled tongues

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Three Word Wednesday: “Anxious, Devoted, Scrawny”

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  1. Such sad imagery – the seven scrawny cows got to me!

  2. What a landscape..each verse building up the tension..and thirst..what will she do?

  3. this is so sad. Australia and other parts of that part of the world are baking like this. The heat is so bad I take it that you’re seeing this first hand enough to depress anyone. You’ve captured that despair expertly.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      The entire Desert Southwest is experiencing drought, and yet people continue to take 40-minute showers and water lawns. I shake my head in despair…

  4. Love the farmer scaning the sky for rain! Blessings

  5. I feel for the cows! I can see the anxious face of the woman scanning the sky.

  6. I am reminded of the Grapes of Wrath with this missive. Powerful.

  7. With the temperature due to be 46C (about 115F) here today this sound like us in Adelaide, South Australia!

  8. The weather, as are so many other things we take for granted, is critical to the farmer. It sounds like perhaps you’ve had first hand knowledge.

  9. The cows stumbling with parched tongues create a sad pic. Animals are expected to be more resilient! Great haiku set MMT


  10. very vivid description.

  11. Has elements of Joseph and his Dreamcoat!

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