Beach stones photo stonesPuertoNuevo_zps58c7a67b.jpg
Puerto Nuevo, Baja California Norte, México

great expectations
entangled in fishing line
I catch the sunrise

with sun-warmed stones as trinkets
I carry the light back home

*Opening gambit © by Ese at Ese’s Voice
Final two lines and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. What a fantastic light on these soft stones !

  2. The thought of carry the light back home is very nice..

  3. ..loved that closing couplet… it perfectly fits to your wonderful photo of stones… smiles…

  4. Ah, you brought the sun to my foggy world!

  5. beautiful words to match a beautiful capture.

  6. Why thank you! I will carry your sun-warmed words in the pocket of my heart all day!

  7. Sometimes I know the stones ‘blink’ at me, and ask me to take them home…it must be the ‘light.’

  8. I love “I catch the sunrise.” Love the beautiful stones. I am a stone-gatherer, too.

  9. Light and shadow of beautiful pics. The line might be intruding though! Nicely MMT!


  10. great macro; enhancing verses; have a nice Sunday

    happy you stopped over at my blog

    much love…

  11. That one definitely beckons to be taken home! Such a treasure and what a wonderful catch of the early morning light bathing those smooth beach stones. Yummy!

  12. I love the smooth stones.

  13. Sun warmed stones takes me straight to summer, thanks for the transportation…x

  14. Málaga stones are calling me! 🙂
    A stone in my hand
    is like
    a nano globe in my hand…

  15. So you do, bringing both light and warmth here too. It’s been a while since I’ve seen your poems. So glad to visit you again.

  16. This is an absolutely lovely image

  17. Sounds like Maui the Maori superhero who captured the sun to slow its course over the heavens to give man more time to get things done! Perhaps it is good to write about the sun in winter but in Australia we have just had a week of incredibly high temperatures this summer so the attraction does wear thin.

  18. Both photo and words are delightful and that closing line finds so much agreement with my memories,


  19. divinity seems to be your catch of the day!
    thank you for sharing the holy feast.

  20. For a moment, I thought you found a dinosaur egg. 😀 Great natural light capture.

  21. Nice picture – I really like micro landscapes like this this.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

  22. Beautifully captured … 🙂

  23. Your poem is a joy to read.

  24. Beautiful shot, there really is a feeling of warmth to it


  25. beautifully captured stones. 🙂

  26. I love this….sun warmed stones as trinkets I carry the light back home….I just love this.

  27. Love! especially the sunlight on the stones.

  28. I love the idea of carrying the sunlight home with you. And I really like the golden glow cast on the stones.

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