photo starmilkweed_zps41990c04.jpg
Trailing Milkweed (Sarcostemma hirtellum), Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

strewn along the branch
a thousand years of darkness
ripening to stars

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. And then there was twinkling!

  2. Most lovely ripening desert stars…

  3. Very interesting haiku this!!


  4. Love the line ‘ripening to stars’ ~ been living a bit of life so late to comment ~ happy weekend ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  5. Delightful image for your musing…x

  6. your haiku is compelling; i wanted to know more about this plant, this bit i find really remarkable,

    During World War II, over 5,000 t (5,500 short tons) of milkweed floss were collected in the United States as a substitute for kapok.[3][4] As of 2007, milkweed is grown commercially as a hypoallergenic filling for pillows…Being the sole food source of monarch butterfly larvae, the plant is often used in butterfly gardening.[from Wikipedia]

    have a nice weekend

    much love…

  7. oh how i have missed it here…i tag the milkweed in our cabin yard so they don’t get mowed…hoping to have monarchs…love your haiku (don’t think i have ever NOT loved one here lol) happy weekend, MMT

  8. thank you for the gift of your light filled haiku.

  9. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning… thank you so.

  10. That milkweed plant is quite different that the type I am used to seeing here in Ontario, love the haiku that goes with this photo!

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