photo swing_zpsbf00f012.jpg
A desolate playground, Southern Arizona

daughter’s empty swing
wind sweeps away her laughter
funeral at 10

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. A heartfelt prose 😦 but the blue invited us to cheer us up in a warm sunny day with blue skies.

    /CC girl

  2. Oh this is so sad x I pray that the little one will be at peace and her family can find comfort and consolation.

    Sent by Brenda Kimmins


  3. Very sad . Touched the heart.

  4. Ooo, the haiku made me S T O P. It’s chilling.

    Now, as to the blue . . . this is perfect for Blue Monday. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Yessad the swings are happy with the kids!

  6. The photo and words stop you in your tracks, very powerful.

  7. Very powerful words. I love the choice of photo-hits the spot.

  8. This is deeply sad. Hope it’s not personal!

  9. Beautiful and hauntingly sad.

  10. How sad. It’s never easy when a child passes away.

  11. Powerfully written………its impact felt in the heart.

  12. Sad written poetical words…

  13. Very sad–hearbreaking emotions.. excellent haiku on the subject of empty.

  14. Ah, reminds of a true story from my childhood when a neighbor girl (kindergarten age) fell on the school playground. This was back in the days when all the playground equipment was built on blacktop and concrete. She hit her head and died within a couple days. After that they started putting all the playground equipment on sand…

  15. Oh, this is a sad one, but beautifully penned, MMT!

  16. Lovely photo and haiku, too.

  17. What a nice and original photo !

  18. There is always something sad about an empty swing I find. great photo and the sky looks cheerful.

  19. It really does look deserted


  20. Oh, that’s sad! I was relieved to read your responses in the comments.

  21. This went straight through to my heart. A drive-by haiku. 😉 Loved it.

  22. omg MMT ,it has an eerie quality ….

  23. Too many go too soon.

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