photo crossredflowersYPC_zpsd6fd2e37.jpg
Graves in the potter’s field, Yuma Pioneer Cemetery, Yuma, Arizona

potter’s field at dusk
weed husks rattle in the wind—
sound of passing spring

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. “Sound of passing spring”
    Really lovely expression 🙂

  2. Nice haiku! And your picture is really great – death and life at the same time. And the spring will come with new life!

  3. interesting graveyard shot

  4. sound of passing spring…I like as well!

  5. There really is a sadness to this shot.

  6. Sound of passing spring. this is so beautifully done.

  7. i can hear it

  8. ‘rattle’ as of bones, nice juxtaposition

    much love…

  9. sound of sadness but will pass by..

    thanks for dropping by.

  10. Lovely photo. The haiku is poignant and brings out the melancholy side of Spring.

  11. I hear a tinge of melancholy in these line MMT.

  12. Awesome … ‘the sound of passing spring’ … chapeau!

  13. Nice. Well done haiku in true classical haiku style.

  14. The sounds transmitted in this poem stopped my heart for an instant. Amazing.

  15. Loved the imagery! 🙂

  16. Spring… and then come the dryness of blazing summer.

  17. love the sound of spring ! i can hear it ,wow !

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