neglected garden—
buttercups in jeopardy
languish in the heat
~~ ~~ ~~
picking buttercups—
risky, hints the warning sign:
Do Not Touch Flowers
~~ ~~ ~~
picking buttercups—
cathartic experience
for the daring soul

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Loved the last stanza, then read again thru second layer….what a challenge these buttercups!…and where to find the right ones?

  2. They are brave flowers..certain in their yellowness…hope you picked one 😉

  3. loved these all but especially the last one

  4. You have crafted the two prompts very well together!! beautiful!!

  5. It’s a daring buttercup rescue. 😉

  6. I always thought buttercups were much more hardy. I can remember my mother’s eyes fall when we brought an armful back from the meadow.

  7. Bright and cheerful flowers, those buttercups. I would love to have an armful myself.

  8. Warnings caught in a wonderful series of haiku MMT … beware of the poisonous buttercups … great!

  9. I remember we as kids we used to hold a buttercup under someones chin and if shone on their skin you knew they liked butter! The silly things we did!

  10. The second stanza sounds the warning most aptly! No fooling with such poison matters! Nicely MMT!


  11. A nice bouquet of haiku.

  12. fragile, yet perilous. Nice set!

  13. ah perilous fun risking yellow fingerprints!

  14. Buttercups are truly a delight … beautiful flowers they are 🙂

  15. Blind Coyote Eyes are another name for buttercups 🙂
    But yes not being able to see…

    A nice story in your trio.

  16. I did enjoy the entire series. Was it cathartic because it was forbidden, risky?? {grins}

  17. Loved this, especially agree that buttercups are healing as well.

  18. Buttercups are hard to resist, so is this haiku string!!

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