Fallen chuparosa blossom photo ConsGardenchuparosa_zps46d246ba.jpg
Fallen chuparosa (Beloperone californica) blossom, Yuma Conservation Garden, Yuma, Arizona

Staining the desert—
what shall I call the blossom
that bleeds out its name?

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Color in the desert, lovely.

    Interesting translation from the Spanish; chupar osa. I also found out that in colloquial Spanish it means hummingbird bush. But then any life in the desert is trying to survive.

    Cheers, Jules

  2. Magical touch of rich colour in the sands.

  3. now this is something i haven’t seen before – very nice

  4. I love that wonderful picture, excellent staining poetic!

  5. Wow! What to say more MMT … I am in awe …

  6. Oh you are so observant to have still found it, maybe there is nothing unusual in the vastness of the dessert except that!

  7. Lovely photograph… A blossom in the desert is a thing of beauty.

  8. Call it ‘bloody mary’ 🙂

  9. Beautiful shot 🙂

  10. Colour me scarlet. Beautiful 🙂

  11. Words and Photo are perfect together. 🙂

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