Near The Citadel, Wupatki National Monument photo WupatkinearCitadel_zps644af60a.jpg
A deep depression near The Citadel, Wupatki National Monument, Northern Arizona

hawk trolling for mice
stone on the distant mountain—
both beyond my reach

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. your haiku heart tells me you hold everything in love.

  2. Stretch out farther! 🙂 Nicely done, MMT.

  3. Beautiful, photo and words….I can see the shadow of the hawk on the ground. What a wonderful spot.

  4. Great haiku and photo. I love landscape pictures where one can see forever.

  5. The spirit of the old ones is on the breeze at this place. I love these ruins.

  6. Beautiful photos and captions.

  7. Unique landscape and wonderful sky,

  8. When you are in a desert place it is a gift enough to experience it, not to conquer it. It is as though the rocks themselves look at you and say “you have no idea”.

  9. The business of life often feels out of reach..that can be good or bad I suppose..definitely not good for the mouse though 😉

  10. This is a great shot of the landscape. Looks like the weather was good.

    Alex’s World! –

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