Whirling with Walt

168 photo 168_zps5cb68022.jpg
The first line of each three-line snippet comes from “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman.

~~ 1 ~~
the eyes of the dead,
blind to beauty and blessing,
staring at nothing
~~ 2 ~~
knowing the perfect
candle to banish darkness—
only damp matches
~~ 3 ~~
eddies of the wind
on a mission for the storm
rising in the west
~~ 4 ~~
The shelves are crowded
with things simple and complex—
have you need of more?
~~ 5 ~~
choosing a safe spot,
perhaps your arms for the night,
before moving on
~~ 6 ~~
She owns the fine house
at the tip of the cape, where
no one is welcome.
~~ 7 ~~
on the granite floor
rivers of fresh blood flowing
from the killing spree
~~ 8 ~~
In the little wells
where the prairie meets the hill,
blind creatures huddle.
~~ 9 ~~
with me on the grass
seven ragged musicians
playing haunting tunes
~~ 10 ~~
Leaving me baskets
filled with ripe apples and rain,
she slips out to sea.
~~ 11 ~~
The little one sleeps,
caring nothing for the ghosts
that would torment her.
~~ 12 ~~
Stall in the market—
an image of St. Joseph
stirs among the spoons.

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Who could not like No. 5 what a comforting image.

  2. On the grass with musicians playing tunes…love the thought of that one!

  3. A safe spot where only trusted ones and little ones dwell..i think that’s a wonderful thought to whirl

  4. You weaved some beautiful images, MMT!! Came back after ages it seems…Beautiful set. I just LOVED the last one~

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I like to think I saved the best till last. Every time I read about the image of St. Joseph stirring with the spoons, I laugh! 😉

      On Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 6:56 AM, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  5. #11 offers such comfort…nice set

  6. No.# 11 seems to be the one that creates brave elements and being steadfast in nature. Great haiku set MMT!


  7. Oh, I think about those musician from #9. I’m wondering what songs they would play…

  8. Luv the juxtaposition in at#12, have a nice Sunday, i wordled this Sunday, haven’t in such a long time

    Much love…

  9. Gloriously done! And oh, that fine house where no one is welcome!

  10. Some of the these have such a haunting and sad feeling to them.

  11. There is some sense of loss in most of these, yet they are not in the least bit dark, except perhaps the killing floor. A soft sort of sadness that pulls at the emotions wanting them to settle and just rest for a while. Well written and woven together.


  12. You are so clever at expanding these lines from someone else’s poem into your own unique senryu. My favourite is no. 10.

  13. Great work, especially #6.

  14. Love how you found inspiration in the words of another. I find that is quite useful and makes great poems.

  15. Its a flow of emotions…sentiments…expressed with perfection
    wonderful reading!

  16. Nice images of different emotions and incidents…#5 ..I liked it most… 🙂

  17. It reads like a rolling haiku… beatiful…

  18. Number 2, by all means. 😀

  19. You’ve done it again with this week’s Poetry Pantry. I really admire your Haiku skills. Very well done!!! Kudos!!!

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