Storm clouds, Valles Caldera National Preserve photo Haigastormclouds_zpsc58d1ce9.jpg
Valles Caldera National Preserve, northern New Mexico
Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I have many memories of being a child and sitting on a balcony in the Sequoias while thunder and lightning danced as far as the eye could see… it is something I will never forget, the raw and awesome power directed in those many flashs…

  2. My favorite weather, a monsoon thunderstorm.

  3. Awesome haiku mmt … I enjoy every visit at your blog and this haiku is really great … I am loving a good thunderstorm and those flashlights …

  4. ah yes the speed of lightening ring through well in this one; hae a nice weekend

    much love…

  5. We’re getting afternoon storms here int eh mts of CO, too – our power just went off after a nearby strike.

  6. am i the only one who feel uncomfortable in a stormy weather? 🙂 and your post brought me right there. good job! brrr

  7. Lovely moodiness in the shadowy light.

  8. Tell-tale signs of what’s coming! Most times frightening roars and even destructive in nature. Seen it at its worst! Nicely MMT!


  9. Such a beatiful picture this is… Nd telling a story in a haiku… Loved it…

  10. Oooooo, I like this image….alot.

  11. True description of an unfolding storm.

  12. we are dressed in monsoons, abundant happiness!

  13. Wonderful words and shot.

  14. I love thunder storms, not so my two dogs!

  15. Cleaving – a great word. I think that is what happened to our tree down by the creek!

    You might enjoy this video:

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