How Many Badgers

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How many badgers are wise enough to thrive on city streets?
Can things that hum and swarm in the forest live without tasting blood?
Are there passions storming the heart’s dark corners that no one dares mention?
It is enough, child, to believe in the magic of unicorns.
It is enough, old man, to walk through the desert at night, singing to the stars.
How will the bat that hangs in the belfry elude the tolling bell?
How will the creature with no legs jump to safety when the owl drops from the sky?
How can Jesus calm the surging sea with words when he has no tongue?
It is enough, child, while I am with you, to keep hunting the elusive unicorn.
It is enough, old man, to sing every night to the stars.


© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. this is a merciless world…How can Jesus calm the surging sea with words when he has no tongue? bell tolling and owls dropping from the sky add to the pathos…that safe haven is gone…

  2. Yes…it has to be enough..we must always hunt unicorns and sing to the stars..we must we must..i like the change of format Magical…and the title…it’s a bit of a philosophical poser!

  3. I do sing to the stars each night. Luckily one twinkled back at me the other evening.

  4. Those are relevant questions! I like the repetitions in the last two lines of each stanza. I always find repetition strengthens a message.

  5. How beautiful this riddle, this reading of our world today. “It is enough”–it has to be. In the face of the inexplicable life itself is a miracle. Let us sing.

  6. I think it is enough! I like it!

  7. Powerful questions to which most of us have no answer… but still among all harshness innocence thrives…. 🙂

  8. I love your words…deep and profound.

  9. God does take care if only we stop worrying… Beautiful…

  10. Blood. That’s where I keep revisiting your piece. And also, singing. Tonight, I shall sing to the stars.

  11. I love these questions. They are hungry for knowledge and insight. they can have dual meanings or more. well-written.

  12. In a week of wonderful poems, I think this is my favorite one. Especially love the old man singing to the stars.

  13. I love all these questions, and the beauty of them in different answers and points of view. ~ Nice format :)x

  14. Badger is our state animal…living down beneath the roots of things where it is enough to believe in magic. Why else would we continue to sing to the stars?


  15. wow, that was as scary as sincere. Magical, I knew you as a haiku poet mainly. This poem surprised me so nicely. I like your narrative style.

  16. Wonderful composition, excellent poem with interesting questions!

  17. Poor Jesus – he asked his followers to be still, so they could hear his voice, then BE his voice. I marvel at his patience – waiting for them to get it right!! I am so happy to see your ‘other’ poetry.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      “Other” is good once in a while, don’t you think? (To be honest, I just couldn’t face haiku this week, and I’m not sure why.)

      • Hmm – maybe it’s your muse asking to you to stretch into something wordier! Perhaps haibun or tanka for a bit! I am trying tanka and enjoying the opportunity to put a bit more (of myself) into the poem. It feels luxurious to have FIVE lines! Hope you are enjoying your summer down there in that cauldron you call home.

  18. An interesting question poem … reminds me of a teaching song.

  19. Makes me think of the movie The Neverending Story! We must continue to hunt unicorns and walk in the desert.

  20. loved the we have answers…may be Jesus should find his tongue to answer these questions..:)

  21. Wow, mmt. I love this. All very valid questions. Nice writing.


  22. Guess I’ll carry on singing then! Deep, profound, delightful.

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