Three Portraits


After years of want,
she despises liberal ways—
chary old woman.
~~ ~~ ~~
With her profane tongue
she lashes out at flowers—
petals fall to earth.
~~ ~~ ~~
Just before daybreak
the quarrelsome old woman
sips a bitter cup.

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Three Word Wednesday: “Liberal, Profane, Quarrelsome”

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  1. I think I may be a chary woman – though I’ve yet to find the definition…I hope that bitter cup was of her making and no one is slipping in a little chemical revenge…I think underneath every grumpy old lady is a candy coated kiddie…you just may need to dig a bit..which is why you gave us three views I guess!

  2. yes bitterness, always begets bitterness

  3. The person choosing to be quarrelsome will sip a bitter cup. It can’t be avoided.

  4. This sounded like me until I got to the profane tongue lashing out at flowers, I leave that to the human race flowers nod at me as I pass them by.

  5. I think I know that woman…

  6. Wow, as always, beautiful work.


  7. Bitterness breeds bitterness. well done i love the way you write these you’re very talented.

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