Saguaro skeleton photo Kofaskeleton_zps6ac16d1a.jpg
Remains of a Saguaro cactus, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Southern Arizona

skeletal remains
littering the wilderness—
a departed soul

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. the harshness behind death!! so easily reflected!!

  2. What a wonderful response on the haiku by Shiki … that photo makes the feeling of the departed soul so much stronger … awesome.

  3. Really nice photo you teamed up with your haiku

    Much love…

  4. Fantastic: the Arizona landscape, saguaro, and your haiku!

  5. I am still amazed at all the cacti I saw that were over 100 years old or more at the park we visited in AZ last year!

  6. Departed soul but still maintaining a beautiful presence in the landscape.

  7. wow the photograph makes the perfect setting.

  8. Not much left… Never saw a caktus skaletal before

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