Bandelier ruins photo Bandelierruins_zpse7fe9393.jpg
Ruins of an ancient village, Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico

Our ancestors knew
how to listen to squashes,
pry secrets from beans.

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Oh wow, this is magnificent and so true!

  2. A view of ruins that stirs the imagination. Lovely.

  3. The secrets from beans – I love that.. Though I can think of other secrets from those beans I won’t mention.

  4. Wonderful pairing of poem and photo. If interested in reflecting/writing about summer serenity please see

  5. Well some of them. There are generations who were taught to fear raw and uncooked food and lived from cans or frozen foods. Thankfully we are returning to that point in which we listen to our food 🙂

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