Tiny Tales



Even the tortoise
knows how to eradicate
traces of its steps.
~~ ~~ ~~
old mercenary
charming the nursing home staff
with tales of his wars
~~ ~~ ~~
three squeamish children
skirting the white shark’s body
rotting on the beach

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher


More Three Word Wednesday: “Eradicate, Mercenary, Squeamish”

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  1. Intriguing connection the tortoise and the mercenary…~ funny third verse although read from different point – scary!

  2. You complain that the words are hard to work with but every week I read magical strings words in the form of haikus Well done.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I’d like to say that I just dash these pieces off, but I’d be a liar. By “hard to work with,” I mean that I often have to write a dozen drafts before I’m satisfied. 😉

  3. dollymarionette

    I work as a caregiver. I’ve known a few such old mercenaries. I’ve enjoyed their stories.

  4. Those kids were wise to skirt the shark, as there would hundreds of gulls eager to peck at anything in the neighborhood!

  5. oh the last one drives a full fledged image inside of me.. i hope the shark died of natural causes!!

  6. 2 & 3, I believe. I have my doubts about the secretive tortoise. :-/

  7. intriguing yet very clear, nice set of haiku

    Maps To Peace

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