An Ernest Whirl

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Each little breath-of-a-poem begins with a phrase purloined from A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway.

~~ 1 ~~
stretch of river bank
near the precipitous cliff—
her quavering heart
~~ 2 ~~
a bleak, windy stretch
with nothing to sustain her
but some cheap red wine
~~ 3 ~~
this cold afternoon
even the pigeons stutter
as they try to coo
~~ 4 ~~
Even the false spring
baffles the chestnut seller
on the rue Ampère.
~~ 5 ~~
pitiful old man
pushing a rickety cart
filled with rotting grapes
~~ 6 ~~
crowded market street—
her longing for fresh scallions
draws her to one stall
~~ 7 ~~
all of the sadness
leaking into her old bones
with the autumn rain
~~ 8 ~~
in the clear sharp wind
crows practising a language
to mock passersby
~~ 9 ~~
a cold windswept street—
running down a flight of stairs
to meet her lover
~~ 10 ~~
saddest part of town—
the absence of a taxi
to whisk her away
~~ 11 ~~
the public bathhouse—
through a rift in the west wall
old men ogling her

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. How sad most of these are. Where were the young men ogling the in No 11; surely the old men had seen their fill?

  2. I love it when you go gritty and sad.. All those are excellent – but the man with rotting grapes.. That’s an image making me shiver.

  3. everyone’s trying their way to heat up…nice set…didn’t know whether to laugh out loud or be sad @ no.11…

  4. A fine set here! Must really be cold if the pigeons are stuttering.

  5. Love your haiku specially number 7 ~ I need to sharpen my haiku pen, smiles ~

  6. luv #9, surely love will keep her warm; have Sunday

    much love…

  7. I like the stuttering pigeons cooing with the cold. No 11.The old pervert one was creepy but effective!

  8. Always enjoy my visit… and blowing my mind 🙂

  9. Very well done, I enjoy poems that are inspired by literature and Hemingway fits the bill.

  10. Usually one little piece jumps out at me, but this week I don’t have a favourite – in fact they are all my favourites! Nicely done. Glad to see you too found this week’s hidden Wordle words!

  11. Number three is delightful.

  12. There is a permeating sadness but also perseverance and being which although tough is admirable an affirming…

  13. what a beautiful series of Haikus… i love the old man and his rickety cart one… its sad and also makes me a nostalgic at the same time !

  14. Really love how you bring a scene and an individual alive, one small detail at a time.


  15. “Saddest part of town/ the absence of a taxi/ to whisk her away– I think I can relate to this haiku because it happened to me some time ago and it was not pretty… anxiety, worrying, creeped out… yes I was. But nice set of haikus. You have a talent for them I can see.


  16. These are all very good ~ hard to pick a favorite ~ but the one with the autumn rain is a classic haiku. The homeless man pushing the cart is a strong image, too.

  17. These had me laughing through my tears mostly…I too love number 3, but number 7 is my absolute favourite.

  18. These are really good. Number 8 is my favourite.

  19. The opening haiku is itself a remarkable take and ushering the many others that follow of similar feel. Great write MMT!


  20. Amazing imagery! Well done!

  21. all of the sadness
    leaking into her old bones
    with the autumn rain

    seems like it written for me this summer … lovely series.

  22. These are all very wonderful! My favorites are #2 and #7. Very good writing indeed!

  23. I absolutely love this. You have inspired me to give it a try – I hope you will not mind if I choose another book and use the words from 8/31/14 to attempt my own version of a “whirl.”

  24. I love ‘even the pigeons stutteras they try to coo’.

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