Palo verde seeds photo Sonoranpvseeds_zps914f64e0.jpg
Seed pods on a Palo Verde Tree, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

seed pods waiting for hungry creatures

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Thank you, M.M.T, I didn’t know these existed. We don’t have Palo Verde Trees here in Southeast Texas. If we saw things hanging from trees here they would be tree bats of some sort. I don’t know if they wait for food or are resting or sleeping when they hang.
    I think sleeping: http://animals.howstuffworks.com/mammals/question668.htm

  2. Everything goes around in a circle.

  3. Yeah, I DEFINITELY don’t get around enough. Very cool photo. Thanx, teacherman.

  4. Round and round…(so far) endless circle…Peace!

  5. i like the name Palo Verde…nice photo MMT!

  6. I love when they make rattly noises in the breeze. I’ve never been to the Sonoran desert-I think I’d like it.


  7. Nicely put,
    Have a good weekend

    Much love…

  8. Oh yummy……….. won’t last long!

  9. We have several of these trees in our back yard and boy are they messy! Beautiful but messy.

  10. from tree to creature
    then it’s alimentary
    that’s how trees migrate


  11. Beautiful image! Have a happy weekend 🙂

  12. The seed pods have an enchanting rusty glow in this beautiful light.

  13. our deer here would be eating them up like a crispy treat! Cheers!

  14. What kind of seeds? What kind of creatures? What goes around comes around, yes?

  15. I love the colour of the sky in this photo!

  16. Great shot for Shadows……

  17. Great observation and interesting imagination 🙂

  18. Love the deep colours. I’ve never heard of these before. Interesting.

  19. As good to them as chips are to us!…:)JP

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