photo Sedonahens_zps779aa82b.jpg
Whimsical painting of hens on a building in Sedona, Arizona

While two hens argue
over which should get more corn,
mice cop some kernels.

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Nice haiku, have a good Tuesday

    much love…

  2. LOL — your Haiku accompanying photo makes me smile! 😀

  3. So cute! like when parents are busy talking seriously, kids can sneak in the pantry:)

  4. Wonderful – and with an Aesop wisdom tied in.

  5. Smart mouse, he saw his opportunity…:)-

  6. A fun painting and a life lesson for all of us.

  7. That is really strange, a classmate of my painting course had done exactly the same, now I wonder who copied from whom ? Or was it just a coincidence ??

  8. (Giggles) and I loved that painting … too cool to put it behind chicken wire!

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