photo MissionSanXavierdelBac170_zps170431e3.jpg
Mission San Xavier del Bac in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson, Arizona

made for snagging kites
two palms above the mission
sniffing at the wind
~~ ~~ ~~
kite snatchers waiting for some victims

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. spectraghostseeker

    Nicely done! I especially liked the first one, although the second one made me grin.

  2. Beautiful photo! Yet such nefarious trees. Who knew they had such dastardly deeds at heart… Thanks for playing 6WS!

  3. The white building against the blue sky is beautiful.
    The trees look exotic to me.

  4. The palms are very impressive, a lovely capture, beautiful day!

  5. Great picture and a wonderful imagination.

  6. It would be a rookie pilot indeed who could not navigate his kite away from danger here. Beautiful shot, teacherman.

  7. I love the clear blue sky and the pretty white clouds, as well as the two towering trees, and the mission! Great picture!

  8. I assume you are referring to the cloth and bamboo things on a string not the feathered variety!

  9. But first you need a little wind 🙂
    Beautiful shot through the archway.

  10. great building

  11. What a fabulous perspective in this photo – beautiful sky shot too. Love the haiku, as always… the palms “sniffing at the wind”.

  12. I see they still have the scaffolding up! I wonder when they will be ‘done’! I keep holding off on a trek out that way as I’d like all that work to be done. May take a lifetime, but, that is one of my favorite places. Such a beautiful mission!

  13. those kites would have to go up pretty high to be caught! or do they bend to snag those that don’t soar high?

  14. Gorgeous photo … kite snatchers … i like that idea 🙂

  15. never thought about kites sniffing for an unlucky kite!l

  16. The arced frame of this glorious scene seems to offer a sense of the sacred. Beautiful rich blue sky highlights the contrasting shadowy walls.

  17. I miss that blue sky! Lovely photo!

  18. Palm trees are so elegant. Nice pic and cheeky 6 words.

  19. I love the humour in this. Congratulations.

  20. This is what I would call a “bright” shadow !

  21. the white of the building in beautiful contrast, much like the clouds, against the brilliant blue sky. awesome shot MMT!!

  22. Great composition of this awesome place!

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