Whirling On

184 photo 184_zps84724944.jpg

~~ 1 ~~
the shape of the bowl
carved from chrysanthemum roots—
how unsubstantial
~~ 2 ~~
first day of the year
bright and blue over Dublin
a seagull screeches
~~ 3 ~~
behind the green door
something stirring at nightfall—
thirteen bloody fangs
~~ 4 ~~
the flame that devours
bole and branch, leaf and limb—
how strange the story
~~ 5 ~~
rack near the toilet—
literary magazine
still crisp and unread
~~ 6 ~~
all her wishes for
his speedy recovery—
a turn for the worse
~~ 7 ~~
inklings of mercy
seeping from the holy book
onto her gnarled hands
~~ 8 ~~
ten million poppies
carpeting the soldiers’ graves—
distant Flanders fields
~~ 9 ~~
frivolous pursuits
sucking the life from her soul
dollar by dollar
~~ 10 ~~
the screeching wind
and swiftly rising ocean—
~~ 11 ~~
summer’s epilogue
written in the raven’s cry
and the falling leaf
~~ 12 ~~
barely audible
her voice inviting earwigs
to the garden feast

© 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. We had this apocalyptic wind this morning… many little gems here.

  2. #5 can have lots of truth about it and those managing may not realize the consequences. Great lines MMT!


  3. 12 little gems – I especially like your reference to Flanders fields

  4. What a trip through time and space…certainly leaves me feeling whirled around

  5. Oh how I love “summer’s epilogue written in the raven’s cry”….wowzers!!

  6. I smiled about the literary magazine, crisp and unread. Perhaps if there would have been a “People” or a “National Enquirer” it would have been well worn! Smiles. And yes, those frivolous pursuits can drain money….ever so quickly. Wonderful set once again!

  7. How insubstantial our bowls. How crisp the magazine. How red the poppies.

  8. I really enjoyed the part about the literary magazine. Very clear, evocative description in just a few syllables. Nice job.

  9. What you demonstrate by your apparent ease at producing such gems in a few words is that there are poetic images everywhere, they are not hard to find but merely need skill to write them down.

  10. Ok 8 tug at my heart because at the Tower of London, they planting ceramic poppies to honor of British soldiers who die in WW1. So 888,246 poppies will be planted there.

  11. The 11th was perfect for me.

  12. Love alliteration in your verses. My faves 7 and 8. x

  13. My baskets in my two bathrooms hold magazines loved and read many times. My fave of these literary jewels in #11 because it harkens of my dismay that winter will arrive way too soon.

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