photo Sonoranduskbegins_zps528f5c08.jpg
Beginning of dusk, November, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

the failing daylight
then nightfall
~~ ~~ ~~
fiery prelude
to dusk on distant mountains—
pilgrim presses on
~~ ~~ ~~
Sonoran Desert—
notorious for its light
rising and falling
~~ ~~ ~~
Singing toxic songs,
the lurking desert creatures
welcome one more dusk.

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Beautiful sky at sunset

  2. What a gorgeous shot.

  3. beautifu,l the words let us picture the scene perfectly.

  4. Deserts are really beautiful places especially when accompanied with poetry such as yours.

  5. I love the finality you give in each verse – dusk is the finale of day…

  6. Amazingly beautiful desert skies. Than you for your reminder that AZ doesn’t do Daylight Savings ( replying to my comment on an earlier post). I had forgotten that.

  7. Beautiful image and such generosity with the poems.

  8. Wonderful words, composition, and moment.

  9. greenspeckblogger

    A finale for sure 🙂

  10. Toxic songs? You’ve heard me sing, haven’t you!

  11. Oh those golden hours look spectacular with the desert landscape. Nicely captured.
    JM, Illinois

  12. Your poems not only match the photo beautifully but they enhance.

  13. The first two made me cry because of the sorrow in my heart today. Wonderfully done.

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