Yuma Quartermaster Depot blacksmith photo YQMblacksmith_zpsb9b62a22.jpg
Blacksmith at work, Yuma Quartermaster Depot, Yuma, Arizona

outside a cabin
the hiss of iron heating
in a roaring forge
~~ ~~ ~~

blacksmith bending iron to his will

Text and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. A beautiful image of the young blacksmith. Somehow your words make me think of the hard job of teaching children.

  2. Neighbor/friend who practices. Slow art, amazing to watch.

  3. A centuries old art which will continue for centuries to come. A delightful image.

  4. sustaining !!!

    have a nice Saturday

    much love…

  5. Now there’s a nice, warm job 🙂

  6. My husband’s grandfather’s occupation was blacksmith. Great capture.

  7. Great photo! I love watching these guys work!

  8. Such contrasts – heat & cold – wow 🙂

  9. The bending to his will.. love that.. what a wonderful image…

  10. You have such interesting choice of words.

  11. Great picture! He sure looks hot!

  12. It’s really amazing when you think about who the heck discovered that ore could be melted and forged? Love the cottonwood stump he is using too-great image!

  13. Forging iron somehow suggests to me a form of active meditation, slow progress.

  14. A look at he past with a blacksmith at his forge, making comfortable equine footwear as he bends the orange iron one hammer hit at a time. A craft practically unknown any more…

  15. wonderful image and poem

  16. Love the iron being bent to his will. Great response!

  17. Forging iron hot and sooty but an art in itself. Good response MMT!


  18. “bending iron to his will” – powerful!

  19. I love this image…a craft so real and difficult to master.

  20. I like reading this one. It reminded me of my forge work in high school ag shop. 🙂

  21. Nice portrait of a disappearing profession.

  22. That’s hot stuff that the shadows help cool.

  23. That is a delightful post with a delightful image and a clever verse … “bending iron to his will” … Love it!

  24. Handsome and awesome shot!

    Perfect combination.

    Happy Holidays,

  25. Awesome take mmt … i didn’t thought of a blacksmith … but it brought an image in my mind of Gozaemon Ben Buddha an ancient blacksmith of whom is said that he made the best samourai swords … Basho mentions him in his “small road into the deep north”.

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