Rope at Quartermaster Depot photo Qmasterrope_zps3cb8dc9f.jpg
Rope on a horse-drawn wagon, Yuma Quartermaster Depot, Yuma, Arizona

ordinary rope
tying loose ends together
in a sacred knot

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Blessed be the tie that binds.

  2. The rope looks like a sturdy piece of practical art. The shadow is a sweet touch.

  3. lovely, how you managed this prompt, tying it yourself in a perfect knot:)

  4. luv the meld of “ordinary” and “sacred”

    much love…

  5. ordinary for some is sacred to others

  6. Oh, I like this. It’s got tension, strength, and softness, all in one image. Quite lovely.

  7. Love the thought of tying loose ends.. we need many such knots.

  8. Love is in this one, well done!

  9. I love any kind of string….rope…twine…

  10. That is very nice rope.Not ordinary at all!

  11. lovely how something can be sacred just through a knot 🙂

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