Water Lilies

Carpe Diem Feb. 2015 photo CarpeDiemFebruary20151_zpsfb2feec9.jpg

How long till they wilt,
this morning’s water lilies
in Monet’s garden?
~~ ~~ ~~
a shiver of fear—
the water lilies’ petals
browning as they bloom
~~ ~~ ~~
only one desire—
to paint my water lilies
as Monet did his

© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I love the very thought of water lilies!

  2. Whenever I see water lilies I think of Monet. I just love your words.

  3. That is a nice desire..it sounds soothing…like floating down the stream yourself…

  4. my desire: to see
    lotus shiver in the breeze
    but never to wilt


  5. I’ve tried painting water lilies –not at all like Monet’s
    Great poems!

  6. The secret is to paint them as you see them, not as Monet did.

  7. Brava! two prompts beautifully penned:)

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