photo AnzaBoBeavertailbud_zps269b17ea.jpg
Beavertail Cactus (Opuntia basilaris) blossom buds, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

in her latest dream
a cactus with no blossoms
only tiny buds
~~ ~~ ~~
first the buds, then the blossoms

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. buds to blossom, a natural process, have a lovely Valentine 2015

    much love…

  2. It’s a start, eh? I’m glad to have a friend in such a foreign environment, to remind me what non-sub-zero snowlessness looks like. Thanks, teacherman.

  3. The story of my life! Unfortunately I’ve now stared losing my petals!

  4. Ah yes, and always, buds, blossoms or not, simply beautiful.

  5. A photo like an abstrakt painting…

  6. buds waiting for just the right time to burst forth? however, even these buds are lovely

  7. Lovely haiku blooming and beautiful macro shot!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. Better buds than icicles!

  9. Ah, the desert begins its bloom, the succulent buds awaiting more desert sun for its flowery metamorphosis occurs…before the oppressive summer sun puts a stop to it…

  10. excellent poem to go with your cactus!

  11. It is wonderful and regenerative that last Big Dreams! nice photo!

  12. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    Hope in bloom! Me likey! Great catch.

  13. in the beginning
    buds and later the flowers
    thorns are forever


  14. Beautiful perspective. A sense of the bud rising to blossom.

  15. Soon those tiny buds will be gorgeous blossoms!

  16. i don’t think we’re going to see buds anytime soon! 😉 But I can’t wait for spring to start appearing!

  17. great photo and words. Those buds are gorgeous!

  18. Wonderful shadowy shot.

  19. I love when the signs of spring start to show! I know I am looking forward to the buds and then the blossoms this year! 🙂

  20. Some cacti have unexpectedly beautiful flowers.

  21. Beautiful shot! Looks like Spring is coming soon.

    Love Pop Shadow

  22. I like the angle of your shot. Cacti are my husband’s choice of plant to grow.

  23. Beautiful. Those buds, so full of promise.

  24. stunningly beautiful composition! Thanks as always for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro… the blossoms are coming, the blossoms are coming (to you a bit sooner, but they will bloom in their time wherever we are)

  25. Lovely buds. How wonderful to have the blossoms to look forward to.

  26. facileetbeaugusta

    So lovely.

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