photo 4b4155a4-c41e-467a-857e-79d222d4440c_zps02m6bite.jpg
A street the morning after rain, northern Arizona

the wayside puddle
a cloudbank

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. You pack so much into your posts.

  2. Cluttering the puddle. Excellent.

  3. I really like this. Especially how you have pointed out the cloudbank, a reflection I have seen probably a million times, yet never thought it might have a deeper meaning than just being there. Excellent observation brought to life with words.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      However, that puddle isn’t very deep, is it? So how much meaning can it hold, really? 🙂

  4. Look for A Lovely Thing

    Nice one!

  5. Beauty and depth in one little puddle.

  6. I like the cloud reflection in the puddle very much. Yes, too bad for the clutter, but it made for an interesting haiku!

  7. Now that is clutter I would not be the least bit tempted to remove.

  8. Oh, i do agree with Yogi!! You do indeed pack a lot into your posts and they’re always great! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. The piece of sky seems to gather the stray floating leaves together. Lovely.

  10. you were lucky to find such a satisfying puddle.

  11. oh the irony
    clouds reflected in the cleanest part of the puddle


  12. What a delightful idea. I’ll look at clouds in puddles differently from now on.

  13. Clever and creative. Loved this one !

  14. You never fail to impress, teacherman. Thanks for keeping my eyes peeled.

  15. Cluttering is rightly so to describe their frequent presence!


  16. really nice

    much love…

  17. A delightful picture and interesting words! At least the puddle hasn’t been contaminated by grey clouds.

  18. That is a cool picture!


  19. And I’ll bet the clutter becomes wetter later!

  20. Very interesting picture. Your photo’s always make go hmmm.

  21. A nice reminder to not always look up.

  22. Yes a cloud bank…I love that! You have inspired me to think of so many other things to say about puddles.

  23. Poetic! I can’t wait for US to have some puddles! Melt, snow, melt!

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