photo Sonoran.PVtree.shadows_zpsyboakemo.jpg
Palo verde trees in bloom as shadows lengthen, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona, March 2015

“Let your colors out,”
the sky says to the desert,
“let your colors out.”
~~ ~~ ~~
Even at dusk the blossoms glow.

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I like the depth and colors in this photo!

  2. Pure gold! Parkinsonia aculeata if I’m not mistaken (get me!)

  3. Lovely photo. Dusklight, bestlight. Well done, teacherman.

  4. So different from the dessert I regularly see in the UAE. They really could do with some of this colour!

  5. Lovely photo – it looks very calm there.

  6. stunning shot MMT, could be a painting…

  7. As the blossoms grow, the shadows of the flora expand to. These yellow-green trees look so warm to us winter weary persons we can feel the heat. Lovely desert on the first day of Spring!

  8. they surely do! I love how you capture the goldenness of the desert habitat!

  9. Every little things are coming back to life.

    Heart it.

  10. They each have their own time.

  11. Beautiful scene of strong earthy colours. Great perspective, angled from the plant.

  12. Very nice — as if the sky is coaxing the reluctant desert. Love it!

  13. Awesome photo and I like that repetition in your haiku … makes it a stronger scene.

  14. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    and, it did! Wow! that is quite the pop of yellow in the desert-quite spectacular!

  15. The yellow flowers are beautiful.

  16. And the colours once released are indeed beautiful

  17. A very apt quote for this shot. The colors are brilliant!

  18. beautiful colouring

  19. even in a desert there are shadows 🙂

  20. AH! The desert is so gorgeous this time of year!

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