photo bfdb2ac1-4170-4b7c-8166-b776bb54dbea_zpszrmaommc.jpg
Abandoned bed springs, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

through hot desert nights
desperation drives their dance
naked on the springs
~~ ~~ ~~
the rusty bedsprings—
nestling in each coil some sleep
summer nights forgot

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. in the blazing drought
    with no water in the spring
    a dry river bed


  2. What an image with so many hidden meanings…great photo!

  3. LOL…’ve surpassed yourself MMT

    circle stamps
    embedded in backs
    hot desert night

  4. What is it with old bed springs. I find them everywhere when I go hiking or exploring.

  5. Wonderful, with loads of meaning! 🙂

  6. hot is her work
    cactus a welcome friend
    on her back

  7. sunmer please don’t come yet 🙂

  8. simple words arranged so wonderfully as to have these layers of meanings .. wonderful !

  9. Both are wonderful but the last speaks to me…..

  10. Archana Kapoor

    awesome… love the arrangement of words… 🙂

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