photo DSC_0339_zpscgyuckpk.jpg
Agave blossoms, May 2015, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

agave blossoms—
how enticing to the bee
sniffing for nectar

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Enticing me as well! :0)

  2. Stunningly beautiful blossom… may the bees feast and spread the love throughout the desert so that it will continue blooming, year after year.

  3. I love the clouds creeping over the mountains.

  4. What a beautiful form and you draw us in for a closer look with your words.

  5. Great photo and haiku. for a second I thought I saw Big Bird!

  6. Such a wonderful take on this!!

  7. How enticing for me… thinking of tequila and mescal…

  8. Nectar entices both birds and bees. Great photograph awesome blossom.

  9. Beautiful desert shot!

  10. You photo captures the stark beauty of the desert. I’ve always loved exploring the rocks and plants there when I get a chance.

  11. How enticing indeed. I love your photo of the bright yellow flowers against the backdrop of sculptural plants and land forms.

  12. What an image to allow one to just melt into that splendour…awesome haiku.

  13. Very enticing indeed! Great take on the haiku … bravo!

  14. Awesome! Loved it!

  15. ooh, I love the close-up of these blooms! thank you for sharing the richness of the desert.

  16. Nicely written. That is some flower!

  17. Sky in the desert can indeed be Enticing — but also eye catching.. great shot!

  18. a perfect marriage of gift and giver.

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