photo DSC_0236_zpsf1grxmpv.jpg
Cholla cactus, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California

Even woodpeckers
know better than to seek bugs
among cholla spines.

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. That’s a strange cactus !

  2. I was once attacked by a cholla. Camping in Baja had to use a local bush for my business. I felt something brush my foot, gave it a quick shake and the broken off piece stabbed me in the foot. Back at the fire I discovered how hard it is to get the spines out. Ouch! – Margy

  3. That beautiful desert plant .. love!

  4. Well finally something to impress the woodpecker…what a great photo…the details are so clear!

  5. That looks like quite a scary plant – no wonder the woodpecker is scared of it.

  6. They are very intelligent birds indeed … what a plant!

  7. Smiling at the wise woodpeckers!

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