photo DSC_0135_zpsx1vb6nky.jpg
Saguaro cacti,Yuma Conservation Garden, Yuma, Arizona

seeking a clamshell
too close to the saguaros—
the sting of each thorn

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Ouch! 😉 your photo makes me want to visit the desert.

  2. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    Love those cacti! Wish we had them up here!

  3. Wow!! Giants are among us😊😊


    They are imposing. I almost expect them to come to life.

  5. Gorgeous photo … these Saguaros are huge … nice haiku MMT fits the photo in a great way.

  6. Ouch – there’s quite a sting in that haiku.

  7. What huge cactus !

  8. Very impressive. But I certainly would not want to get too close… 🙂

  9. Wonder how old they are? Mighty and impressive.

  10. Impressive! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  11. No matter the heat, these plants always stand tall.

  12. Oh Wow! Impressive!!!

  13. That ‘thing’ coming out of the ground behind the cactus looks like a large snake! Did anyone else notice it?

  14. I think saguaros are awesome!

  15. Nice shadows there.

  16. What mighty cacti! I have never been anywhere where they grow as big as that and they really conjure up for me that Arizona / NM / Mexico area.

  17. Large, prickly and awesome.

  18. Those are huge!! Love your composition and a great post for the day as always!!

  19. wow I love these guys! I have a thing for cacti and succulents etc

  20. Cool .. one rarely thinks of clam shells in the desert … lovely image!

  21. Such striking cacti – I remember being amazed by them when we visited AZ!
    Please come link up at

  22. You have gorgeous photos.

  23. Your words are a perfect fit for your photo. I enjoy seeing the cactus. They amaze me with their outstretched arms. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Cool photo. It has me wondering if these cactuses put their “arms” up to keep ’em dry from all the heat out there. 🙂
    Take 25 to Hollister

  25. Your photos really make me miss the Sonoran Desert.

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