Wrapped in a Straw Mat

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~~ 1 ~~
wrapped in a straw mat
one small square of bleached muslin
still stained with his blood
~~ 2 ~~
humming gratitude—
beggar wrapped in a straw mat
pulled from the dumpster
~~ 3 ~~
her peace offering—
an olive and a ripe fig
wrapped in a straw mat
~~ 4 ~~
wrapped in a straw mat—
an old method for praying
when nothing else works
~~ 5 ~~
an old photograph—
two boys wrapped in a straw mat
trying not to laugh
~~ 6 ~~
wrapped in a straw mat—
broken sets of dominoes
swept up from the floor
~~ 7 ~~
wrapped in a straw mat—
three smooth stones from the river
ripe with autumn’s chill
~~ 8 ~~
morality play—
a fool wrapped in a straw mat
addressing the king
~~ 9 ~~
in the high country
old women wrapped in straw mats
to ward off the chill
~~ 10 ~~
wrapped in a straw mat
to mend her broken courage
after last night’s storm
~~ 11 ~~
wrapped in a straw mat
the shepherd guarding his sheep
on a frosty night
~~ 12 ~~
wrapped in a straw mat—
some intricate needlework
from a far village

© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I guess you never know what you will find, wrapped in a straw mat? Loved them all! Thanks for the prompt, I think I couldn’t use ‘method?’

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      “Method” was one of the hardest words of the lot, so don’t feel bad about not using it!

      On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 5:54 AM, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  2. How many places that mat takes us…i felt a kind of biblical undertone widening out into the here and now

  3. You have an amazing mind……

  4. So much you can hide in that straw mat.. amazing.. 🙂

  5. such fertileimagination – you are giving full measure today. And they all stand on their own. Impressive collection.

  6. So many to like here. Wrapped in a straw mat to ward off the chill made me chuckle. I am currently wrapped in an old blanket to keep warm on this chilly autumn morning in southern Oz.

  7. Sharp thoughts, vivid images!

  8. Five and ten are my favorites.

  9. nice set

    much love…

  10. Fantastic series .. and loved how you wove the straw mat in so many different ways to get the most of the wordle. Bravo!

  11. What an amazing series…many made me smile and I am in awe at your imagination and clever use of the words …my fav is the 7th one…once I got to that one I could not help nodding …no, bowing in admiration of your talent…I wish to be half as great someday.

  12. Straw mat = magic carpet?

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Ah, it very well may be!

      On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 1:54 AM, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  13. Another wonderful set. The constant theme in this group really made for great visuals.

  14. WOW, this is so impressive–the form, the words, everything. BRAVO.

  15. The straw mat has been a true companion in its uses. A magnificent set of poetic expressions…


  16. many faceted life wrapped in a straw mat….lovely set…

  17. Simply amazing!!!

  18. I like them all but 10 and 12 are my favorites.
    I hope to catch up on reading after school lets out and I’m free for the summer.

    I wrote, but belatedly just put my piece in the linky for this prompt.
    Hopefully I’ll get to the next one sooner. But I was away for Memorial Day weekend, and just forgot to look for the word list.


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