photo Wupatkifootpath_zps3be4f480.jpg
A stone-lined pathway at Wupatki National Monument, Northern Arizona

honeysuckle scent
perfuming the ancient road
that leads to the hills
on a rocky road
women with delicate feet
walking with their gods
fresh winds from the west
erasing every footprint
from the pilgrim way

Haiku © 2015 and photo © 2014 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. the first one i like best;

    much love…

  2. MMT these are wonderful words.

  3. The second one reminds me of the popular notion here of winds blowing from the west and erasing all we hold dear in our culture and traditions. lol! 🙂

  4. kalpana solsi

    No trace of footprints.

    Beautiful haiku.

  5. the pilgrim wonders
    where do all these footprints go
    when the wind takes them


  6. I love them all…like how you lead us into the third one…the mood is set beautifully and that image is perfect.
    heaven smiles
    devotees bring message
    love is the way

  7. Great series. Your first and third are really speaking to me … thank you for sharing.

  8. A lovely haiku story … I wouldn’t want to separate one from the other … I like them as they are in this order without a particular favourite.

  9. My, you write beautifully, almost hypnotically. Love this.

  10. MMT, This is very beautifully cadved.

  11. Lovely set of poems and a nice shop of Wupatk. I felt like a pilgrim when I first visited there.

  12. Mmmm. I do believe I can smell the honeysuckle. I’m sure I can!

  13. Archana Kapoor

    amazing perspective.. the last one is simply the best 🙂

  14. These haiku took me on a journey and made me want to drop everything and walk the pilgrim’s way.

  15. Great photo! Wonderful poem.

  16. I love the fresh winds from the west …..! a philosophy ,sublime Ku MMT .

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