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fawn on the mountain—
hunter hidden in the dark
raises his rifle
~~ ~~ ~~
lonely little fawn
trying to nurse its mother
after the kill shot
~~ ~~ ~~
no boring ending
to the story of the fawn—
a day of vengeance

© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. This doesn’t sound good for the deer.

  2. Aha…Bambi revisited:)

  3. Let’s be flippant and say “Oh Dear”! Wild animal hunting is quite repugnant especially when is serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

  4. I like this new version…may Bambi take a rifle to the mother killer…

  5. Very creative story telling 🙂

  6. nice haiku tale; twist of fate to mother child relationships, happens

    have a good Wednesday

    much love…

  7. ooh revenge in the end for Bambi

  8. Aah! A beginnig, middle and end, the full story..sad though.

  9. It is a tragedy when animals are hunted in the wild. Their young are in no position to survive without the mother doe. Good for highlighting this MMT!


  10. I have two fawn just born in our back – they are so dependent. Im amazed any of them survive. cars are what kill our deer.

  11. Lovely Haiku tale – Sad but true across species…

  12. The hunter satisfied his skill of hunting but the poor deer has its life and the fawn is orphaned. Hunting should be strictly banned.

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