Fat spider photo SonoranApril20131692a_zps9863e1bc.jpg
Spider, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

after my walk:
a perfect spider web
stuck to my glasses

how magical the world looks
through a thousand silken strands

*Opening gambit © by Lee Gurga
Final two lines © 2015 and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Oh oh! Simply amazing! 🙂

  2. amazing what we can see given the chance to view it differently

  3. how magical the world looks through your haiku and photo…

  4. Wonderful response to the challenge!

  5. I admit .. your photo after just getting over a spider bite gave me a shiver but the completion of the renga is fantastic!

  6. For sure the world looks great and magical when you look through the silken strands of a spider’s web … awesome photo MMT

  7. to “wear” the beauty of nature so close to your heart and mind-perfection!

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