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metallic table
set with cups of jasmine tea
for some grieving guests
~~ ~~ ~~
sipping jasmine tea
on a rainy afternoon
from a polished cup
~~ ~~ ~~
Cups of jasmine tea—
what’s the optimal amount
for healing sorrows?

© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Jasmine tea..soft if I remember..what is the optimum amount of any substance in forgetting..my guess is there is never enough…perhpas that is good..sometimes perhaps things need to be not forgotten but moved away from

  2. Jasmine is certainly a midsummer scent and flavor. Thoughtful haiku today

  3. tea helps warm the body when the shock of death is too much but there’s never enough to cure the cold.

  4. such sad undertones….tea is always a great way to raise spirits

  5. I enjoyed all three very much…
    teapot of jasmine
    poured from caring hands
    helps heal grief

  6. There is no way to tell! Sorrows can linger on depending how emotional one is. Great haiku set MMT!


  7. Now that’s a tough question to answer … sigh !
    nice haiku 🙂

  8. Tea is one of life’s great comforts. It has to be Twinings:)

  9. I love Jasmine tea! Nice haiku set.

  10. That is so beautiful especially the last Haiku.
    Thumbs Up!

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