a sedate cortege—
the only child’s funeral
beginning at noon
~~ ~~ ~~
a righteous sendoff—
the little girl’s funeral
after morning rain
~~ ~~ ~~
pathetic mourners
after the child’s funeral
stumbling to their homes

© 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. these are so sad. We all feel a child should never die

  2. Omg MMT , its so sad ! Hear breaking !

  3. Oh my, MMT, such sad verses…all heartbreaking images!!

  4. Only those who have lost a child can fully understand real grief. As the child’s full,potential has not been tested and for a parent that is heartbreaking indeed.

  5. Hard to say one can “like” these haiku, but they are beautifully written and poignant …

  6. How do you not stumble after such a loss…a significant poem Magical

  7. heart breaking!

  8. Too sad to internalise.

  9. You have shared such heart wrenching beauty in the haiku.

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