photo DSC_0063203_zpslb5khw0d.jpg
Pine tree, Japanese Friendship Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

Where in the new year
will I find a resting place—
beneath an old pine?
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
In my thoughtless state
not even new year’s prospects
can enlarge my soul.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
too much alcohol
ushering in the new year—
my woozy footsteps
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
to the left and right
as the new year approaches
uptight suspicions

Text and photo © 2015 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I felt the pining as well as the pines – how can we find new things under old hard to forge change when we are set like the rings of a tree stump…i suspect however whoever is speaking will find their matter how woozy

  2. sometimes you just have to find the hope there is none in these

  3. I can identify with a lot of that. Sadly not the alcohol induced wooziness, but the uptight expectations.

  4. I have given up New Year’s revelry. The reminder of a clock ticking is not for me.

  5. I try to work on New Year`s Day and often Christmas day at the youth crisis line…giving the younger one time to play…I embrace my work on those lonely days for too many. Your photo is just …wow! I love that tree all gnarly like my body feels some times:) Great series my dear,,,I can relate especially the 2nd haiku.

  6. A lot of things going for the New Year. It is a matter of choosing perhaps!


  7. What does the future hold is a question that can cause such distress. And yet we forge ahead! Very well written.

  8. Well done! The gnarled tree picture- so moving with the poems.

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